Airconditioned and heated classrooms, are complete with networked computers and interactive TV/whiteboards

Adventure playgrounds

There are three adventure playgrounds which are challenging and safe play environments for children of all ages and abilities. 


Our library has a large range of engaging fiction, non-fiction, and picture story books. 

Additional Offer

We've created additional welcoming ways for kids to explore, learn more, and make friends while participating in age-appropriate activities.


Getting Used to Water and Swimming Lessons

Water fascinates children. Most children love going to the pool. Children can learn a variety of physical, sensory and movement experiences in the water and, above all, have a lot of fun and games in the group. Our teachers and a small group of children visit the indoor pool regularly, accompanied by a swimming instructor

Visit to the Stable and Pony Rides

A favorite activity for everyone, especially older children. It takes place every second Tuesday for KiTa children and every second Thursday for KiGa&Hort children. The children have a lot of fun with a lot of experience and learning and there is a lot to discover: the children can play in the straw, take a break and enjoy their meals, continue playing and enjoying.

Yoga Lessons

Yoga has a positive effect on the overall development of the child. Like no other type of movement, yoga improves body awareness, strengthens concentration and the emotional well-being of children. Playful learning with lots of fun and imagination is the focus of yoga training.

English Lessons for Children Aged 4 and Over

Our courses are held in small groups and are based on the material from the Oxford Reading Tree. This is a unique, playful, child-friendly and natural method.
Attend a free trial lesson. We are looking forward to your visit!


We are delighted that you are registering your child with us

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