Hardly any season is better for exploring than spring. The sun is making an appearance again and many animals are venturing out of their winter homes. Projects on the subject of birds, insects or forest creatures are particularly suitable. Insects in particular are around in April and May and offer children the opportunity to look at them up close.

In addition to romping around and the gym, spring was also ideal for excursions into nature. In advance, we were able to get the children in the mood for the upcoming excursion by talking to the group about plants and animals in spring.

Pony riding in the stable remains our highlight for all, especially older children. It took place every second Tuesday for daycare children and every second Thursday for daycare and after-school care children. The children have a lot of fun with a lot of experience and learning and there is a lot to discover: the children can play in the straw, take a break and enjoy meals and much more.

Other excursions throughout the year: zoo, wildlife park, farm, observatory, forest and meadow trips, climbing garden, adventure playground, hike, amusement park and much more.


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